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One of the common themes that come up in discussions is the uncertainty of an individual’s purpose. The world has a significant definition of what successful purpose is and where exactly people fall in being relevant or not. If I were to be completely honest, I found myself a part of this number for a great amount of years in my life.  


Yes, even as Christians we can easily find ourselves living beneath our purpose.  I placed my purpose in a box simplifying it to living a saved life going to church, loving God, being kind to people and then I would die and go to heaven.  What a slap in the face of God that we cannot  consider life past the concept of dying and going to heaven.


What if I told you purpose is not taught, but it resides in you as a part of your spiritual DNA? We are operating in our purpose daily even if we don’t recognize it.  I dare you to take 24 hours of any day and examine where you go, what you do, who you interact with. You will begin to hear a common theme of how you make individuals feel when you are around.  The gift to be a great listener or that friend who is willing to watch a 3 hour movie just because someone needed you to be there.  This is purpose in 24.  We often look for this in platforms that translates to the world as great success, but you my friend are actually operating in your purpose.  Start with 24 and build from there. The discovery will be life changing.

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What if I told you the best way to find your way is to literally take


By taking 24 hours at a time, you can gradually uncover your purpose and live a more meaningful and spirit led life. Let’s get to work!


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